Successes of the Funds

The attached PDF is an Excel document showing what the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds were able to fund from 1991 until they were revoked in 2008. Without this funding, these land acquisition and conservation projects couldn’t have happened. If these Funds are not restored in the 2010 TN Legislative Session, TENNESSEE’s natural areas and public-access areas are AT RISK! PLEASE contact the Governor and your state representative and senator and urge them to restore the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds. For more information on these funds and this “Forever Green Tennessee” campaign, please download the “Fact Sheet” that is available on our PDF page.

KEY to the PDF:

SP = state parks acquisition fund

LP = local parks & recreation fund

W = wetlands fund

(Please note that the Agricultural Resources Conservation Fund is not listed on the PDF but it IS one of the four funds that receives dollars from the Real Estate Transfer Fees. The Fund provides cost-share funds to Tennessee farms to lessen soil erosion and to improve water quality through the installation of Best Management Practices. The goal of the program is to measurably improve streams with documented agricultural pollution concerns.)

20 Years of Funding

2 thoughts on “Successes of the Funds

  1. I am so glad that you posted this list of funded projects.

    It brought me back to the late 70’s when I went to work for the Department of Conservation. We had a real problem in that many cities and counties had no Parks and Recreation agency.

    These areas would frequentlly be pushing for new State Park facilities, like swimming pools and ball fields.

    With the real estate transfer money available we have seen many local goverments organize Park Boards and build their own parks facilities. This has made these local areas more attractive to business and industry, and better places to live.

    It has also taken some pressure off the State Parks, so they can concentrate on Natural Resource Conservation.

  2. Thank you Governor Bredesen. Now tell your legislators, “Keep the Funds in the Budget!” We want a Forever Green Tennessee.

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