Make Calls Today! The Governor’s amended budget is due out in two weeks, let’s try to get this $35 million in it!

Please support House Budget Amendment #152 and Senate Budget Amendment #81!

YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED! See the steps you can take below…AND please FORWARD this message to your friends and colleagues!

We need you to let your voice be heard for the next two weeks! Many of the 22 legislators we have met in the last two weeks mentioned that they had been contacted and it was important to them to hear from people. We need to have them keep hearing from YOU!

It’s up to us to conserve a Forever Green Tennessee for future generations.  Can we count on you?  (In order of priority)

  1. Ask the Governor! at 615-741-2001 Give your name and city and say, I am requesting that Gov. Haslam include Senate Budget Amendment 81/House Budget Amendment 152 for $35 million to Forever Green Tennessee in his amended budget.
  2. Call our sponsors and tell them that you are grateful and that clean water is vital for business, energy, industry, tourism, wildlife and for drinking water. They will work harder to convince their colleagues if they hear from you.

Sen. Ketron 615-741-6853

Rep. McDaniel 615-741-0750

Rep. Sargent 615-741-6808

Rep. McCormick 615-741-2548

  1. In the Senate, ask these Senators to make this a priority!

Finance Chairman Sen. Bo Watson: 615-741-3227

Sen. John Stevens: 615-741-4576

Lt. Gov. McNally: 615-741-6806

  1. In the House, ask the Speaker to make this a priority!

Speaker Beth Harwell: 615-741-0709

  1. Follow us online and LIKE us on Facebook

Tennessee’s population growth threatens the forests that protect our abundant waters, our farmland and historic places.  Protecting forests is THE most important action we could take to protect our water!

 A $35 million budget amendment has been introduced to conserve forested corridors to protect Water ($25 million), farm land protection ($5 million) and historic preservation ($5 million).  These are listed as Senate Budget Amendment #81 and House Budget Amendment #152 to the Budget Appropriations bills.

This is not a tax increase but allocates $35 million from General Funds to conservation.  Although this represents only 1/10th of 1% of our State’s $34 BILLION budget and we know it’s vital, this is a BIG request and we must demonstrate STRONG support! Tens of thousands of Tennesseans have joined together to work for a Forever Green Tennessee.

See the list of 2017 projects (on the Facts and Documents tab) that we have identified as immediate priorities for the $25 million Water Conservation Fund.  Check this list to see if there are places special to you.  We know these headwaters and rivers are crucial for cleaner water.  The Farmland Fund will prioritize farms based on prime soils and development threat.  The Historic Fund identities 5 Civil War Battlefields and decisions would be guided by the Tennessee Historic Commission.

You can make a Forever Green Tennessee a reality for future generations. Thank you!


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