Real Estate Transfer Funds remain IN the budget!

Governor Haslam released his amended budget this morning (Tuesday, May 3, 2011), and we are pleased to report that the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds are STILL IN the proposed FY 2011-12 Tennessee Budget!

Over the next few weeks both the Senate and House Finance Committees will discuss and vote on all budgetary amendments, and hopefully before the Memorial Day weekend all parties will have agreed on a budget (one that includes the Transfer Funds, of course!), and the Governor will sign it into law.

Like last year, we will monitor the Finance Committees and keep you apprised of any news — good OR bad — and we’ll ask your help with phone calls/e-mails/letters should that be the case. But we are cautiously optimistic that the Transfer Fees are SAFE this year. Once they are, the approximate $16 million will continue to work for our woods, wildlife and water; will continue to set aside land for state parks and natural areas; will continue to fund improvements and developments at local parks; and will continue to clean up streams next to farms and protect our precious wetlands.

If you would like to be added to our “MyEmma” (e-mail blast) list, please send an e-mail to

Thanks, and STAY TUNED!

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