TN Real Estate Transfer Funds are IN the Budget!

We are thrilled to announce that Gov. Haslam has included ALL 4 of the Real Estate Transfer Funds in his proposed FY 2011-12 Tennessee State Budget! The State Lands Acquisition Fund will be funded with $3,087,500; the Local Parks & Recreation Fund has been appropriated $3,718,700; the Wetlands Fund will receive $6,521,000; and the Agriculture Resources Conservation Fund will receive $3,187,500.
This is a whopping $16,514,700 for woods, water and wildlife; for our children and grandchildren; for a beautiful and sustainable Tennessee; for our farmers and outdoorsmen; for a Forever Green Tennessee!
THANK YOU, Governor Haslam! We appreciate your leadership in conservation!
Now, fellow Tennesseans, it’s up to us to make sure that the General Assembly keeps these funds in their final, approved budget. We will monitor the finance hearings and keep you posted. But this is a huge step in the right direction for the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds and the Forever Green Tennessee coalition!

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