THANK YOU Senate Finance Committee!

Last night, Senate Finance Committee members voted FOR the environment!  When Finance Chairman Randy McNally, (R) Oak Ridge, proposed the permanent elimination of all “dedicated” conservation funds, Senator Kyle (Democratic Leader) asked for a vote to restore the real estate transfer funds. It was seconded by Senator Norris (Republican Leader) and then received favorable 9:2 vote.

“This is a nuclear attack on our environment. This is a repeal of a law that was extremely hard to pass. I beg this committee to think about what we’re doing,” exclaimed Sen. Kyle. Then he motioned for full restoration of the funds and then: “Second. I Second that motion,” said Sen. Norris. The vote was 9:2 for the environment.

Wonderful testimonials were also made by Sen. Haynes and Sen. Henry. Although the fight is not over, last night was an important victory.  We must thank our elected officials as loudly as we ask for their help!  This will also strengthen support for next week’s floor vote.  Please THANK ALL THESE SENATE FINANCE MEMBERS! 615-741-3291 615-741-1999  615-741-6679  615-741-4576    615-741-4167 615-741-1967 615-741-0981 615-741-3227 615-741-1648

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