At 4 p.m. (CDT) today (Thursday, May 27, 2010), the Senate Finance Committee released their schedule to amend the administration’s budget. Once again, the Senate has REDIRECTED the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds from their intended purposes to the State’s General Fund. We don’t know why these funds are perpetually targeted, but they are, and we have to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT to keep them intact.

Since 1993, these “dedicated” funds have NOT gone to their intended purposes, which is LAND ACQUISITION AND CONSERVATION in our beautiful state.

PLEASE, call the members of the Senate Finance Committee and tell them this is WRONG. Tell them that Tennessee and the environmental future of our state CANNOT wait. Tell them that you want a FOREVER GREEN TENNESSEE for yourself and for future generations.

CHAIRMAN: 615-741-6806
VICE-CHAIR: 615-741-3291
SECRETARY: 615-741-1766
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: 615-741-1999 615-741-6679 615-741-4576 615-741-4167 615-741-1967 615-741-0981 615-741-3227 615-741-1648

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