Senate Republicans have ELIMINATED conservation funding

Friends: The time is NOW. Yesterday afternoon, the Senate Finance Committee released their counter-proposal to the Governor’s budget. As we feared, their version has allocated ZERO DOLLARS for conservation funding. This is simply WRONG. The Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Fees are for the sole purposes of saving Tennessee’s most beautiful land. However, for the past 7 years, the Legislature has raided these “dedicated” funds and put them in the General Fund.

This is a “Bait-and-Switch” tactic and it is WRONG. It’s WRONG to tax people and say that their tax dollars are going for one purpose, and then use them for something else. It’s WRONG to not think about our children’s futures and the future of our great state. It’s WRONG to put our environment last on the priority list.

Please help us spread the message. PLEASE call the Legislators listed below and tell them you want a “Forever Green Tennessee.” For ourselves. For our children and grandchildren. FOREVER.


Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey: 615-741-4524
Sen. Bill Ketron: 615-741-6853
Sen. Randy McNally: 615-741-6806
Sen. Tim Burchett: 615-741-1766
Sen. Diane Black: 615-741-1999
Sen. Mark Norris: 615-741-1967
Sen. Doug Overbey: 615-741-0981
Sen. Bo Watson: 615-741-3227
Sen. Jamie Woodson: 615-741-1648

4 thoughts on “Senate Republicans have ELIMINATED conservation funding

  1. If you want conservation funding do it your self, stop trying to spend my tax money for me and other Tennesseans because you think it might be a good ideal

    1. These tax dollars are only taken when property changes hands; it is NOT a tax that everyone pays. The Real Estate Transfer Tax was set up 20+ years ago to preserve some of Tennessee’s best lands while development continues to take over our state. For the past 7+ years, the taxes have been collected as they were set up, but the conservation funds have NOT gone to their intended purpose. It’s this “bait & switch” mentality that we are against. If the state is going to tax us and use the money for a specific purpose, then they should use those tax dollars for that specific purpose.

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