The Time is NEAR

Great Earth Day events — thousands of people and lots of petitions signed, bumper stickers distributed, and phone calls being made … have you made yours? Governor Bredesen supports “dedicated” funding for conservation from the TN Real Estate Transfer Fees. Now we need to call Finance committee members today! Especially Republican leaders — we had the early on support of Senator Norris, Lt. Governor Ramsey and others but they need to hear from constituents that you love Tennessee and that we want a Forever Green Tennessee … for quality of life, for our economy, for our descendents. Lt. Governor Ramsey – 615-754-4524, Republican Leader – Senator Mark Norris – 615-741-1967 and Chairman of Senate Finance – Senator Randy McNally – 615-741-6806. Check out the list of others on Finance — and call today.

Tell them that Tennessee’s woods, wildlife, waters, environment and quality of life are IMPORTANT and worth this miniscule amount of budgetary dollars. (The Real Estate Transfer Funds are one-tenth of 1% of the state’s $28 billion budget!) In the grand scheme of things, this money is nothing, but to the future of our state — as well as our children, grandchildren and future generations — it’s HUGE.

Please spend a few minutes and look through the pages on the Blog. Read our Fact Sheet (which is on the PDF page); look over the Legislators that we’re targeting (see the “Senators & Reps” page). To find out what these funds were able to do in your community, check out the “Successes” page, where all projects are alphabetized by county.

PLEASE help us on our quest. We’ve come so far. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The time is NOW.

7 thoughts on “The Time is NEAR

  1. Tennessee may be proud of many things, but our natural wonders were gifts and must be treasured and protected.
    If ignored, if desecrated, if abused–they will go the way of the dodo. I have children and grandchildren who cannot drink the waters of Mt LeConte’s creeks as I did as a child–a travesty.
    Our legislature must realize that one of our economic attractions is our natural beauties, not just soul restoring weekend amusement.

  2. In 1977 I came to Blount County to retire. Now I sit in Maryville Towers looking up to the mountains. To quote my late husband each time we took a drive: These people don’t know what they’ve got.

  3. I agree. we should do our best to preserve the beauty or our environment. We live here and breath the air our trees provide us. I’ve been living in Knoxville for almost thirty years and sorrowfully watched how the cement has destroyed and replaced trees along roads. There should be a law that obliges individuals who destroy tree – whatever the reason might be – to replace them. But trees have been destroyed to make place to wider roads. What happen to my trees? The same goes for the woods, the wildlife, etc. Preserve our nature and Nature will provide us with clean waters and air. Stop the madness and quit using trees to build houses. Cement is used all over the world. It’s more expensive? Well, too bad. Trees are our lungs.

  4. The Real Estate Transfer funds are but a drop in the bucket compared to the dollars that are wasted on dumb things like another state song, etc. Plus the time that is wasted on things like that.

  5. Recovering from the economy so we can live in better houses and drive nicer cars and own more toys, or even have better health and education in the short term, will be meaningless when we’ve lost our natural resources. To paraphrase Pink Floyd, every encroachment is another “chip in the wall.”

  6. I think this is a vital issue, but it is not done full justice by the presentation. It is difficult and tedious to wander thru all the cited pages and links, and the issue is still not clear.

    Personally, I would have been helped a lot by a summary of the issue on your main page. And the video support by the various “Reps” sounded a bit like too much “faint praise”. Your legislative supporters in some cases sounded like they were only sheepishly acknowledging your cause (not supporting).

    I need to know more about the issue’s pros and cons before I can become flag-waving. What does it mean to Tennesse? To Smokey the Bear? To me?

    Even so, my friend Don williams supports this, so it is worth another look to me!

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