Forever Green Tennessee = JOBS & MONEY!

Tennessee’s Real Estate Transfer Funds are not just good conservation, they’re GOOD BUSINESS! Consider:

* Tourism employs 181000 Tennesseans; contributes $13.4 billion to our economy and generates $1 billion in tax revenues. Tennessee’s top tourist attractions are our parks. The State Park Acquisition Fund and the Local Park Acquisition Fund support these economic engines …

* Hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation employ 85,000 Tennesseans; generates more than $5.3 billion (yes, that’s not a typo, BILLION) in retail sales; and produces $347 million in state taxes. The Wetlands Fund helps ensure Tennesseans — and our visitors — have places to hunt, fish and recreate — now and in the future!

* Farming employs nearly 350,000 Tennesseans and contributes $44.2 billion to our economy. Nearly half (43%) of our land area is in farms. Farmers in all 95 counties use these funds to keep our drinking water clean and protect our soil. The Agriculture Resources Fund supports our farmers’ good work.

* State funds leverage millions of additional private and federal dollars, which are spent on a project-by-project basis to maximize the leveraging of funds and minimize recurring.

Just a few more reasons why reinstating the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds is a no-brainer!

(Special thanks to Marie Stringer at the Nature Conservancy for such a compelling and concise list!)

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