Tennessee Parks = $$$

More fuel for our fire! We’ve been saying all along that a beautiful Tennessee equals dollars in Tennesse, and a new Economic Impact Study backs us up! Just released by the State of Tennessee’s Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics and the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, the “Estimated Economic Impacts of Tennessee State Parks” says, in effect, that every one dollar spent by the state comes back as more than $37 in economic impacts”! Talk about a return on your investment!

Why is this so important to us and our “Forever Green Tennessee” campaign? Because Tennessee is DEAD LAST in the nation on environmental spending. Because we are 7th WORST in the nation for how quickly we destroy our wild areas and farmland. Because if we don’t fight to protect our state NOW, it may very well be too late in the coming decades. Tourism is the Number 2 industry in the state, with State & National Parks being our biggest draws. Without a portion of the funds from the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer funds, Tennessee is AT RISK of losing is beauty, its clean air and water, its abundant wildlife, and the ability to maintain its state parks and natural areas. And as this study proves: we lose the parks, we lose the MONEY.

PLEASE HELP. Call/write/e-mail/visit your State Senator and Representative. Urge them to KEEP these DEDICATED funds in the 2010-2011 budget that Governor Bredesen has presented to the Legislature. Put a yard sign up. Display a bumper sticker. Volunteer to hand out literature. For today. For tomorrow. For us. For our children and grandchildren and generations beyond. Forever. Forever Green Tennessee!

Parks’ Economic Impact

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