Let’s FINISH the Cumberland Trail!

The Cumberland Trail is a designated “State Scenic Trail” and will connect 330,000 acres of public lands on the eastern edge of the Cumberland Mountains. When fully complete, the Trail will traverse or touch 7 National Park Service sites, 7 State Natural Areas, 5 Tennessee Wildlife Management areas, 3 Tennessee State Parks, 2 State Forests and 2 National Historic Districts. At present, 70 percent of the Cumberland Trail Corridor is in place, including 23,000 acres under Cumberland Trail management, and 23 percent of the corridor is in the process of acquisition, with full funding as State Building Commission approval. The State Land Acquisition Fund accounts for $5.8 million (13 percent) in total funding for Cumberland Trail corridor acquisition, matched with $9.6 million (23 percent) in Federal funds, $14.7 million (34 percent) from private donations, and $12.6 million (30 percent) in additional State funding. The remaining 7 percent of the Cumberland Trail corridor will require additional funding of approximately $5 million.

This money could come (in part) from the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds, but ONLY if they are reinstated by the Governor and Legislature THIS YEAR. PLEASE urge your representatives to RESTORE THE TENNESSEE REAL ESTATE TRANSFER FUNDS in June 2010.

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